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The on campus public safety officers were made aware of a partly burned roll of toilet paper on the first floor bathroom of the Macklin Tower on Nov. 28 at approximately 4:01 pm. There was no other property discovered to be damaged in or around the scene. Although the identity of the person responsible is unknown, the Office of Public Safety made announcements around campus of the incident with bright red flyers.

The Montgomery College Office of Public Safety encourages all students and faculty to remain aware of the incidents that occur on campus- both major and minor. This minor of incident of arson was not immediately disruptive of devastating to the campus learning environment, but students are encourage to report incidents or persons of suspicion to the Office of Public safety at 240-567-5111, a nearby campus security officer, or local law enforcement.

One way to be sure to always be aware of important occurrences on campus is by using MCALERT through MyMc login. To sign up, login to MyMc and click on the MC Alert Icon to register. Remember that it is our responsibility as students of MC to keep each other safe on and off campus.