Your shuttle bus has arrived

A route from Takoma Park Campus to Rockville Campus would usually take up to two hours via ride-on bus—but on the shuttle bus, it would take approximately 40-45 minutes. Shuttle buses at MC, which stop onto all three campuses, are a much quicker alternative to the ride-on bus.

They began in the Fall of 2014 after high demand for a new form of transportation when a ride-on bus which traveled from Takoma to Rockville was terminated, according to Mark Pace, the Parking and Transportation manager at MC. In 2015, they started the Germantown to Rockville route, and from then on the schedule and stops were being “tweaked” to make more frequent stops at more locations around campuses.

“We try to circulate it every 45 minutes,” Pace said when speaking about how they try to have the shuttle bus stops accommodate class time schedules. “We also increased the hours from the spring of ’17.”

The schedule has since changed from a 9:00 to 5:00 timespan to a 7:00 to 6:40 schedule in order to further fit students’ schedules.

The schedule for the fall semester can be found here.