I’m Dreaming of a White Halloween!?

By: Daniel Munhoz Staff Writer

Halloween weekend is on everyone’s mind the week before.  We all know it means fun nights out with friends, crazy parties, and, of course, the sexy lady costumes.  After the long wait for Friday night to arrive, many of us were disappointed by how Mother Nature decided to treat us all on what is supposed to be one of the most entertaining holiday weekends of the year.

Freezing cold temperatures turned ice cold rain into snow, though I learned that people were not going to let the terrible weather ruin their Halloween weekend. Going out to Adam’s Morgan on Friday turned out to be a great decision; people were out and about like they would have been if the weather was perfect. On the way to some of my favorite bars I saw the best costumes. Witches, zombies, vampires and some Elvises were the first characters I saw roaming the bars.

As I went deeper into town the costumes started to get better and better.   The ladies showed a lot of Disney pride dressing as some of the well-known female characters.  A lot of these lovely ladies were not afraid to get their “nerd-on” as well, dressing up as video game characters.  As a guy who spent a good amount of his middle school years playing Nintendo and Sony Playstation, I really appreciated the effort put into these outfits. Princess Peach, Zelda, Laura Croft, Kitana (Mortal Kombat), Chun-Li (Street Fighter) and even Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa and Yuffie were all there, and I didn’t even need a game controller to interact with them!

The guys weren’t shy in the videogame love either.  I saw Sonic, some Tetris blocks, many Angry Birds, and the obligatory Mario and Luigi.  Guys really took pride in 90’s themed costumes as well.  I was flipping out when I saw Biggie Smalls and 2Pac drinking shots together.  What really took the cake was a guy in a dead-accurate Quailman costume jamming on the dance floor.

Moving past the fantastic costumes and onto what everyone’s opinion of the weekend was so far, I was shocked to learn for the most part everyone was still pretty stoked on the weekend.   When asking the bartender at Tom Tom’s how her Friday night was she said “It was amazing, and it’s only Friday baby!”  When I asked an Ali G lookalike the same question while we were waiting in line to get into another bar, he told me it was “The best crappy Halloween ever.”

It was good to see everyone so positive and looking forward to Saturday, despite the fact that it rained all day.  I guess when life throws a crummy situation you just have to made the best of it, which everyone did.