Edit: This story was updated on Sept. 19th

On Sept. 12th, Dr. ReRionne Pollard sent letters to all of Maryland’s Federal Representatives regarding the pressing issue of DACA and the turmoil students will now face. In it she asks them to “do all (they) can to change the nation’s immigration laws to find a permanent resolution for the people who came to this country undocumented as children, through no fault of their own and only know the United States as their homeland.”

Since 2013, Montgomery College has hosted approximately 607 self-identified DACA students, those who are under the protection of deferred deportation. MC has also hosted 639 Maryland Dreamers, those who applied for the lowest tuition rate.

“As of February 2017, we had 265 students self-identified as DACA and another 310 under the MD Dream Act,” said Marcus Rosano, the Media and Public Relations Director at Montgomery College.

According to ABC News, applications will no longer be accepted after Sept. 5. If a DACA recipient’s permit expires between now and March 5, 2018, they will have the opportunity to renew their permits if the application is submitted before Oct. 5, 2017. Those whose permit expires after March 5th will not be able to re-apply.“

DACA students are essentially in limbo, unsure what the future holds for them. DACA students at MC will be left waiting for Congress to pass legislation on the matter. Democrats have been trying to compromise on protecting the now vulnerable recipients from deportation during the next six months of DACA suspension Whether the law will be on time for the DACA termination in March is still uncertain.

On Sept. 1st, President Dr. DeRionne Pollard had also released a short statement on WTOP earlier this afternoon stating, “we have yet to receive guidelines, particularly information to help direct our students effectively through this process. They are American by culture, they have been actively engaged in our school systems, their family and friends are here.”

Katie Ryan, a reporter at WTOP said Pollard stated: “Montgomery College will do what it can to assist [DACA] students.”

The Montgomery College Foundation is a means for some students to find aide. “We are helping DACA students on a case by case basis although the funds are limited,” said Rosano.