New Changes to the Rockville Campus


Morgan Terry, Editor

So the semester just began, which you may be either bummed or ecstatic about. But while you are either dragging your feet in quiet despair to your eight am bio class or frolicking happily to your one o’clock world literature lecture, you may have noticed a few things to be somewhat out of place. But no worries! The Advocate is here to fill you in on a few things that have changed over the summer.

Firstly, as you are making the turn off of Mannakee onto North Campus Dr, the new “Montgomery College” statue, glistening radiant and silver in the sun, was there to greet you and guide newcomers into the correct turn. New construction is being done in front of the Technical Center that started up over summer, perhaps some remodeling to the parking lot (yay?), so be aware of that if you’re taking classes there.

Secondly, towards the end of the second semester last school year and over the summer, the bookstore had been blocked off to everyone other than bookstore employees. This change may have been an attempt to decrease textbook thefts, or perhaps was just an attempt to make finding textbooks more efficient. But either way, the blockade has been lifted and all are welcome to enter the bookstore themselves to look for and purchase their own textbooks.

A few other things you might notice to be missing are the Starbucks shop and MC ID printing room. Do not fret! These have not disappeared, but simply been relocated. The Starbucks shop which last year sat directly next to the MC cafe is now across from it and looks even nicer and bigger than it was when it sat tucked into its little corner. Whosoever had that idea, bravo!

The MC ID printing station is now in the Mannakee building instead of the basement of the Student Life Center. But if you already have an idea and simply need a sticker for this semester, you can pick up one of those at the financial aid window inside the financial aid office.

Lastly, a third seating area has been added to the 55 and 46 bus route stops next to the Science center, but be sure to keep an eye out for more changes on campus as remodeling and modifications continue throughout the semester.