A thought-provoking insight on the concept of time (Samory Senh)
A thought-provoking insight on the concept of time

Samory Senh


April 19, 2017

What is time to a fool like me…

What is it you think you see

Give it a moment

You too will believe

Believe in the illusion of liberation

The walls of Hume’s fork

It is the warmth of the star that caresses your skin

The rhythm of the nearest track that drowns your ears

It is the sweetness to the bite of an apple and scent of the nectar that brings you further temptation

This is the false sensation

Time blinds you with its sweetest moments, leading you to think that you are free.

But, what was once warm will become cold.

What was once vibrant will become silent.

What was once sweet will become bitter.

What was once rich will become foul.

What was once a beginning will become an end.

Only to repeat it the process all again.

Imprisoned by the inevitable.

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