Finally, a Break

Elie Francois

College can be real stressful at time, but thankfully we get a break during the semester to rejuvenate our mind and body. Nonetheless, here are a couple of things I believe people should do to enjoy their summer break.

Get some sleep. College students get an average of 4 to 5 hours of sleep. With the laden of work, we receive on a daily basis can sometimes be overwhelming so it’s only fair enough to catch up on some sleep during spring break. So yes as unproductive as that sounds you owe it to yourself to finally enjoy 8 to 9 hours of sleep instead of 4 to 5.

Working during break is also a great ideal as well. Most of us have to put work to the side to focus more on school. Although, now that break is finally here working for a week span isn’t a bad ideal. Rack up on that dough ya’ll!

Furthermore, it’s hard to hang out with friends, family, or even bae during the semester because you’re sometimes so damn busy. However, now would be a great time to do just that. Now that you probably don’t have to spend time reading or studying for tests or quizzes unless your professor can give a rat’s tail about your break, spending time with those you love is always a great thing to do.

Moreover, it seems like spring is finally in the air. The weather we’ve been experiencing of late has been real nice so a trip to the beach wouldn’t a bad trip. possibly going to Ocean City or Virginia beach would be the ideal move.

Lastly, travel if you. Gong away for vacation is always fun.