Advocacy Day

Elie Francois

On February 8, community colleges from our region took part in an annual meeting in Annapolis, Maryland where students got to interact with senates who have played a vital role in our school systems. Nonetheless, on Tuesday I had the pleasure to interview Leslie from the senate to get a rundown on how things unfolded on Advocacy Day.

Francois : What is Advocacy Day?

Leslie: Advocacy Day was when we went down to the delegates and the state senates and we would advocate for Montgomery College. Students from all community colleges from Maryland would go down and advocate for their own school. We would all go base off our district. We would obviously thank them because they have been supporting us with so much, which we’re very grateful for.

Francois: What type of support have they’ve been giving you?

Leslie: A lot of funding. They have helped fund the science center. One thing they are working on at the moment is the Takoma Park science center as well as the math center that’s something we advocated for and something they said that’s something that’s in the works. They’re just waiting because there’s still some money that needs to be in that budget.

Francois: What did you get from this experience?

Leslie: ” It got us all more so out of our comfort zone because we are all confidence people in a sense, but just being able to speak to people and like and voice our needs and for them to listen and get their feedback as well.” It was just a great experience for all of us to bond with all three campuses.”

Me: Can anyone take part of Advocacy Day or is it just for those that are in clubs?

Francois: “We have a certain amount of people that each campus is allowed to bring each year.”

For those who would like to join Advocacy Day next year, the door is always open. Just ask for Leslie or anyone from the student senate.