The Eye’s In the Devil’s Scheme

March 30, 2017

I’ve walked this abyss for millennia

Perplexed by the sanctions placed on these prisoners of society

Shackled to fear of uncertainty

Sentenced to silence by the concept of morality

Blindfolded by the demon of orthodoxy

None of them could see . . .

Neither would they believe that they could see

And she . . . she did not believe in me

I’d given her glimpse of all that could be

Yet still, she refused to believe in me

She did not want to see all the ash and debris

She did not want to see this horrific dream

“We can be free” I whispered to thee

“Free as the sea” I cried to thee.

But it was her who cried as I said my decree.

She heard nothing but madness, thus she had decided to scream.

“Fuck Off” she’d scream

“Fuck Off” she’d scream . . .

I tried to remove her blindfold; I just wanted her to be free.

But screams would fade into iron beams, now all I could do was watch her bleed.

Just like the others, she could not leave.

I just want them all to be free of the Devil’s scheme.

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