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Panorama, Advocates New Creative Writing Column

Panorama, Advocate’s New Creative Writing Column

The Advocate’s new creative writing column!

This year, The Advocate has found a way to allow individuals to share and express themselves to the community in a simple yet reasonable fashion.

Panorama will be a column where numerous creative writing pieces will be shared on a weekly basis; in which will be open to students from all campuses.

Take note that only the following material will be accepted:

  • Novellas
  • Short Stories
  • Songs
  • Speeches
  • Personal Essays
  • Poetry
  • Screenplays

However, in order for your work to be available for publication, you must meet the following requirements:

  • All submissions must be submitted via e-mail at [email protected] with your name, a title, your Montgomery College email, and the rights statement listed below.

I, Full Name, confirm my rights as the author of this material. I, Full Name, also confirm that the Montgomery College Advocate holds the necessary publishing rights.

  • Submissions must be between 10 – 2000 words
  • Your material can be submitted with artwork, as long as the original owner of the artwork is given credit / Material not submitted with artwork will be provided with such by one of the members of The Advocate

WARNING: The Advocate is still a part of Montgomery College and is thus subject to the student code of conduct. That being said, we do not tolerate copyrighted material.

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