Review: “Khaos Legions” by Arch Enemy

By: Manuel Suarez Staff Writer

Arch Enemy released “Khaos Legions,” their newest album on March 7, 2011. It contains 16 songs, all with Michael and Christopher Amott’s styles, and mixed with Angela Gossow’s growl. Arch Enemy always had a melodic death-metal style, and since Angela Gossow became the vocalist, the band got a better impression towards some fans.

They usually mixed different points of view about complex things for their lyrics, such as political views, religion and revelry, which are part of each band member’s influences and beliefs.

The best song on the album is “Yesterday is Dead and Gone.” It has a melodic and catchy chorus. It starts with the guitar playing a siren’s alarm, then Gossow growls with her amazing voice. The bad part is after the first verse, in the moment when the guitars play a small tapping solo.

“Bloodstained Cross” is the third song in the album. You can feel the music when listening to the chorus. The outro is also a melody you can feel. This is one of the better songs on “Khaos Legions.”

“Under Black Flags we March” is very melodic. You can feel the verses while listening to its guitars, especially at the end. The suggestion for songs to listen to would end with “No gods, No masters.” The album is good, but not enough compared to older releases (“Wages of sin,” “Doomsday Machine” or “Rise of the Tyrant”). Arch Enemy worked a lot for making the songs melodic, and this is a good effort from the band for the fans.