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More Learning Opportunities Created with Help from The Capital One Foundation

The Montgomery College Foundation awarded $126,121 to create a springboard for development of 'stackable credentials'

February 6, 2017

The Montgomery College Foundation has been awarded a grant of $126,121 to create a springboard for the development of “stackable credentials” in biotechnology, data science, business management and early education programs.

Developed with industry partners and usually focused on certain skills, stackable credentials are certificates or badges which students can earn after taking a short series of course.

This adds to a list of events that are showing growth and progress at Montgomery College; specifically Rockville Campus. The new garage was only the first of additions to the school, both academically and physically. The second week of the spring semester introduced the opening of an extension to the Science building which includes the brand new Ackerman Learning Center.

Prior to this, Montgomery College opened a new branch of courses called Z-Courses. These courses are designed so students don’t have to pay extra for learning materials. Students and faculty theorize that a small portion of the Capital One grant was used to create such a program.

Instructional Dean for Adult English Language and GED programs, Donna Kinerney, believes that these programs will help “empower students to be workplace ready.” The goal is to have students prepared long before they acquire degrees or finished an extended workforce development program.

One example of how this benefits students is that in some cases, a student could complete a few classes that an employer requires them to finish and the employer would hire them while they continue to learn and get accreditation for the work they wish to pursue.

This new initiative is also set up to work with local companies. By working with local businesses, the college can better align the programs with the demand of the employers they wish to work with. This also helps ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their work and their studies.

This initiative is also intended to last beyond this school year. A timeframe as to how long is yet to be discussed, which shows that this may be something that the College looks to continue for a very long time. What also hasn’t been discussed yet is what businesses and organizations will be involved in the initiative.

President Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard extended a big thank you from the college staff. Montgomery College has yet to see where this initiative will take the school but hope to see it in the direction MC has been headed lately–forward.



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