MC Introduces A New Parking Garage


NOTE: the location in the photo is not where the events took place.

Kiara Romero

Recently here at Montgomery College, Rockville campus has been in the completed stages of the new parking lot garage. This is a new way of giving more students access drive to class and not have to rely on public transportation.

This parking garage will be located behind the Physical Education building. There will be a walkway area to locate from that building into the North Parking Garage. It is believed that that walkway will open November 24th.

This new parking garage will most likely be open by Spring or Summer 2017.

One student, Cassidy Kehn, shares her thoughts towards this new invention. “I think it’s definitely beneficial to the campus and will help with parking problems.”

Another student, Baldric Nguena mentions that “the new garage looks great; (the garage) makes me feel like I’m in a mall or some official schooling institution.” He continues, “it will definitely be effective, I think (right now) there are only a few amount of students that aren’t able to get the appropriate parking spots. I’ve come to school with my friend multiple times and we’ve taken at least 20 minutes finding a (parking) spot.”

Although, there were a few students who have concerns about the new parking garage.

One of these students, Allen Yoo, reported that “If it’s too small, too crowded for parking such as if two cars cannot pass each other and be cramped, that would not go well.”

He also mentions “(The new parking garage is) a necessity it would help driving students, but if there’s a big space.”

A student named Sandy Kossangba who also had concerns over this new garage questions that “How does that garage not guarantee not having any parking problems?” she continues, “If students still complain (about parking) what’s the point?”

The majority of our students drive, but the amount of parking area has been significantly reduced since the parking lot at the farthest left has been reclaimed by MCPS. It is believed that the new parking garage will reduce stress in student parking and more students will be able to transport themselves to class with reduced distance travel.