Best Buddies at MC

Best Buddies at MC

Isabel Rockwood, Editor

The organization of Best Buddies is different from many other organizations which hold branches here at Montgomery College—mainly because it’s one built for the purpose of creating a close bond with an individual who might not be able to experience one otherwise.

It helps those who have trouble finding a friend by giving them that opportunity where it might alternatively be lost. They are mainly an organization created to help people by giving them a literal “best buddy” to be their self with.

The Best Buddies Nonprofit organization is centered toward helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Friendship is a building block toward achieving personal growth in areas such as advancement in communication and self-empowerment, so without this component it could be detrimental to an individual.

That’s why Best Buddies is so important—it’s helping people by giving them what they truly need for themselves. What they do is they pair an individual with an IDD up with someone who doesn’t have these disabilities, and they create a true one to one friendship; leadership skills are built, support is given, and an optimistic future is established.

A worker with Best Buddies, Dori Eslaminegad, said that she has such endearing moments with her newfound friend, and that she honestly feels like she’s helping her. “When I hang out with my buddy, it gives her the confidence that she looks just like everybody else,” said Eslaminegad.

But what Best Buddies truly works towards is to actually create a world where they aren’t needed. They strive to integrate into society the companionship that these individual deserve, rather than the ostracism they’re often forced to face.

Their mission will be achieved once they’re at a point beyond the necessity of Best Buddies, and everyone will have the friends they deserve.