The Next Step as an Entrepreneur

Samory Senh

It’s necessary to find a career that is right, one that provides endless possibilities. One capable of retaining comfort and satisfaction. Whether the individual is still in college or a long term employee, there is a career path that is available. Here’s a hint: Consulting.

24-year-old entrepreneur Sam Ovens practically built his empire from scratch as a digital marketing consultant. Reigning from Auckland, New Zealand, this college dropout would build his 4.56 million dollar empire in four years from the depths of his parent’s garage, making over 356 thousand dollars a month. Ovens now runs his consulting business with over two thousand different clients in 16 different countries in addition to hosting weekly seminars on why consulting should be considered as a career choice.

The consulting industry is worth approximately 100 billion dollars this year, with an expectancy to increase by 83% between this year and 2018, “because the internet has broken down traditional walls.” In today’s day and age, consulting is practical and it is versatile.

Work can be at home on a laptop or a tablet; or, work can be in an office with a client, face to face. Regardless, technology is allowing the approach to a job be more proficient and effective.

Before becoming a consultant, the first step is to be a specialist. Not only will there be an increase in profits, but also an increase in credibility and comfort in the environment.

Sam Ovens would further state that “it’s hard to be the best in the world at a range of things, but it is surprisingly easy to do for something specific.” As a specialist, the choice for who to help will be entirely up to the specialist.

There’ll be less time spent chasing customers and more time setting up appointments. This career path is entirely what is made of it; and when what skills make the individual exceptional are decided, and how they can exploited in the market, there’ll be Benjamin Franklin coming in on the regular.

Take note that this requires strenuous effort. This market will have to be entered with a mountain of skills. The most popular trends will need to be identified as well as the people’s needs in the industries most familiar with. Also consider the fact that this isn’t for everyone.

Like every other entrepreneur, there will be failure. Sam Ovens spent an entire year trying to earn one client, a number that would increase up by two thousand within 3 years; but do not be discouraged from seizing the opportunity to pursue this as a career, and do not let any future barriers hinder ambition.

Embrace the digital age and embrace consulting as the career choice for you!