Throwback Thursday: What’s So Great about Montgomery College? What’s Not So Great about Montgomery College?


Originally written by Eric Cooper and Michelle Parsky

Sara Monterroso

Originally written by Eric Cooper and Michelle Parsky
Originally written by Eric Cooper and Michelle Parsky

What’s not so great about Montogmery College?

By Eric Copper

Montgomery College is anything but a great learning environment. Faculty at Montgomery College is in need of reform. The students attend MC to get an education, however they get nothing but frustration,complication and a lower self esteem.

If someone were to ask me to comment on faculty and staff at MC, I would respond with a negative approach. This comment is not directed to all of Montgomery College faculty and staff, just the majority. The professors are lacking the responsibility of helping the majority. They seem to be more interested in their own schedule than their students success. The students responsibility is to learn and be successful in completing their assignments.

Students strive to become successful at MontgomeryCollege, but to no avail. Professors try so hard to make students lives miserable. They try to discipline college students, but this is not high school, It is up to us, the students, to learn. If we (the students) choose not to attend a class once in a while, we shouldn’t get penalized. Again, discipline is not a major factor to student success n American Universities. the students are not the ones who need the discipline, rathe it is the professors. they need to be disciplines on how to teach in a college atmosphere. it is up to the students to succeed in Montgomery College, not for the professors to try and punish” the students. The students fate will be told when it is time for an exam. Until the, professors should just sit back and chill


What’s not so great about Montgomery College?

By Michelle Parsky?

This semester I am taking one of the most frustrating classes that i have ever taken in my long career as a student. This experience has little to do with the teacher more to do with the students in the class.

This is a college. Theoretically, students who attend this institution are adults. However, in this particular class the behavior smacks of high school antics. The students in this class seem to take pleasure in disrupting the lessons. they no inhibitions about playing pick-up games in the middle of the session passing notes, giggling and making unsolicited or un appreciated comments.

Many of these students do not respect the instructor or their fellow classmates. Discipline apparent was not a learned lesson.

So I beg to differ with my counter part here-students are in dire need of reform. If students wish to be treated as adults, they should start behaving as adults

Attendance policy is another topic in which we do not agree. In many cases a student may be capable of learning all he/she needs through reading the text and studying on their own. This student may also be capable of doing quite well on the given tests.

But there are certain types of classes in which attendance must be necessary. In classes where discussion of issues is ket, such as writing and sociology, a strict attendance policy must be established.

We are adults, and as adults we are held responsible for our behavior. When we fully enter the workforce, one expects an employer to have an attendance policy