My Love In a Letter


Kerrin Massarueh

To my dearest daughter,

A mother’s love is real, unconditional and true.

A love that is honest and can never be denied,

A love that I, your mother, give to you, my daughter.

My love for you will forever be true, even if death do us part.

It will be your cushion when you fall,

Your comfort when in fear, and the covers when you’re cold.

I need you to understand what I am handing off to you my love.

I may not have been there through your every step of life in the beginning,

but, I can surely tell you that I love you.

I fell in love since the first kick in my womb,

Again on the first smile and the twinkle in your eyes.

Distance does not matter, the past was the past, and the future is the future.

Right now, at this very moment, all that matters,

Is the love that I am letting you know that is there to stay now, and forever.

You are my daughter, I carried for nine months,

You are my princess, the princess that I sang songs for.

I love you like, you love I.

I need you like, you need I.

Mother’s love is a bundle of hope that you need to carry on,

I need you to be here.

Please, Don’t walk away, but be proud to call me your mama.

Be proud to visit me.

Because the truth is, I love you, not enough, but to infinity.

Prison, is not where I belong,

Do not follow my footsteps, but learn from my mistakes.

Please write me some day,

It’s been 20 years and tons of tears.

I miss my little princess and twinkle in the starry night.

I hope that someday,

When we meet again,

I can hear all about the firsts that I missed,

and give the kisses and hugs that you were deprived.

In this moment in time, just remember my love, that you are my true love.

Love always, your mother. xoxo