MC Viewing of Entre Nos Touches & Enspires

By: Shelton Fitch Staff Writer

“Entre Nos,” or “Between Us,” as it is translated from Spanish, is a powerful film with originality and a great message. The film was shown to students and staff of MC on Friday, September 30, in the Humanities Building as a part of the Foreign Language and Philosophy Department’s celebration of National Hispanic Heritage month.

The movie is based on a true story, and is about a Colombian woman who strives to survive with her two young children in Queens, NY after being abandoned by her husband. Mariana can barely speak English, has little money and no personal contacts in the U.S., not to mention she and her children are undocumented illegal immigrants. As one could imagine, Mariana was hopeless.

Events lead to her eviction from her apartment, but by collecting cans, Mariana is able to provide food for her children from what little money she receives from the New York City recycling program. She can eventually afford a small apartment.

“Entre Nos” is a moving story about how, despite the odds, this family of three comes together and withstands these hard and difficult times. The movie gives its viewers a first take at what life is like for many undocumented immigrants, who are often exploited, mistreated and neglected.

In the end, Mariana’s children, Gabriel and Andrea, go to school and complete their Masters degrees. They are both accomplished and talented individuals, sharing an inspirational message that prosperity is not a matter of nationality, it is a matter of will and motivation. And, as for Mariana, she lives happily on her five acre home in California.

When asked why she chose to feature this film, Sarah Campbell, assistant Professor of Spanish and coordinator for Spanish and French courses at MC said, “I chose this because the movie is so moving and personal.” Campbell also shared that she has showed this movie to some of her classes in the past and felt it would be a good movie to show to people who had never seen it before.

A student viewer remarked, “I think it was a good film because it shows how immigrants live when they come to America.”

At the back of the classroom sat a staff member whose eyes filled with tears as he watched the film. Though he has asked to remain anonymous, he explained how the movie reminded him of his first days in the U.S. as an immigrant from India. He went on to explain, “It’s very realistic. It doesn’t matter what age you are. With dedication, we can accomplish anything.”

Allyson Lima, Professor of Spanish, said, as she held back her tears, “What really struck me about the film was that it was about one woman, but we have think about how many people are in that situation.” She continued, “I thought it was a very strong message, and the strength of the family was clearly visible.”

“Entre Nos” is an emotional movie that is sure to affect you as well. The film is sponsored by Moms for Family Unity, an advocacy group which strives to build awareness and seeks congressional immigration reform.