A Professor’s Perspective

Samory Senh

It’s a new year for students nationwide, and colleges will soon be consumed by the expectations and aspirations of the next generation. From this, a newfound era of innovators and scholars will emerge and become the face of tomorrow.

With an extensive background in American politics and United States History, Professor Sembers would find himself dedicating his life to enlightening young students. Those who have had the opportunity to attend his lectures would probably remark his boundless enthusiasm or his Socratic methods of teaching, but the question is on his intentions.

Sembers believes that MC is undergoing a paradigm shift, where students hold this belief that as long as you attend class, turn in your homework, and appear on exam day, you deserve a good grade. Whereas the school [Montgomery College] has begun focusing more on service rather than education, in hopes of shielding its students from discouragement.

However, Sembers would state that their [professor’s] goal should be to motivate and teach at the same time so that students can actually receive an enlightening experience, rather than redundant and systematic instructions.

“Our job is to get people to think in ways they’ve never thought before,” said Sembers

As a fellow student at Montgomery College, I believe that students should want to excel beyond his or her reach; expanding boundaries or challenging orthodoxy with a voracious appetite for success. According to Sembers, the key is within that drive. “For a student to really succeed he would have to apply himself,”  Sembers said. “Initiative is the key; if you want to be successful, you can be successful. Don’t afraid to fail—failure is a part of the process. Get involved.”

Of course, college can be tiresome and dreadful, and it doesn’t help that life abruptly appears as soon as adulthood arrives. It’s hard, tiring; but don’t let an opportunity go to waste. CARPE DIEM! Join clubs, meet like-minded intellectuals, find a study-buddy. Education should expand outside of the classroom and into the real world. “Take the time to indulge into knowledge,” Sembers adds. “Put in the time and effort, it’s the journey that makes the education.”

“People that have enthusiasm, people who are willing to throw themselves out there and overstep.”

He would also note the importance of body image, saying that “Body language is key because you can tell really fast if somebody wants to learn, if somebodies interested in learning, or if somebody is learning.” Body language will play a key role in terms of getting a job, making friends, and apparently even in the classroom. As an adult, take that into account.

Get every inch of knowledge that colleges can offer. Be surrounded with like-minded people, get involved, get to know people, and make yourself known. Sembers can assure you that if you can do that, success is inevitable.