The Revolutionary Backpack that Could Save Your Life


The safest backpack that can protect you from bullets (drawing: Paula Monterroso)

Isabel Rockwood

Too often in the US, headlines on the newspaper, the TV, the internet, all tell the horrors of a new incident where children are taken before their time. The event occurs, causing the same argument to cycle over and over in terms of gun control and violence. Time and time again, action from the government seems to be taking one step forward and two steps back, which has only prompted more outrage from the citizens of the US—causing organizations such as Stop Bullets Now to take matters into their own hands., now a supplier of the US military, are creating a revolutionary line of backpacks that are of a level lllA, the highest level of protection in the body armor market. The backpacks are nickel-plated and lined with Kevlar, which is a synthetic fiber of high tensile strength and is also used in the manufacturing of bulletproof vests and even tires; it protects the wearer from attacks that range from knife slashes to sub-machine guns. was created as a response to the mass shooting crisis that is gripping America,” explained Executive Director Michael Robinson in a press release. “Since 2007, we have been developing the ‘safest backpack in the world’, which was originally created by a military officer for his two children to take to school with them…When you buy from us, you are helping to save lives, and the response we are getting from people is phenomenal,” Robinson says.” not only produces backpacks, but also other bulletproof products that could fit into daily life, such as jackets, car seat shields, and also bulletproof insert panels. The primary objective of this organization is for people to take matters into their own hands to protect themselves, and they offer some of the best and most reliable products to do so.

Sometimes an individual may not have access to these products though, even if they’re the ones who need it the most. That’s why is launching pilot programs later this fall to donate their backpacks to school children in the highest-risk areas of the country.

Unfortunately, the US may not see any ground breaking laws addressing gun violence for a long time—but luckily, and organizations like them, are doing exactly what they say they’re trying to do—stop bullets, now.