Maryland Early Voting: Same Day Registration


As it’s well known, the date for voter registration has long since passed, and the procrastination that many students are unfortunately victim of did not catch the chance to cast their needed opinion for the April 26th primaries. But, unbeknownst to many, registration is still possible—through Same Day Registration., a fairly unknown practice that should definitely be broadcasted throughout the college campus for its convenience.

Same Day Registration (SDR) is applicable to new voters through multiple Maryland Early Voting sites that’ll be listed below. It can be done between the dates of April 14th to April 21st during the hours of 10am to 8pm. Applicants would be able to register and participate in early voting, a relatively new process that allows for an individual to technically vote before the voting.

What can’t be done though, is the changing of party affiliation, which may prove difficult if someone would try to vote in a party outside of the one they’re registered in; as it says on the Maryland website for primary elections, “generally only registered voters affiliated with the Democratic or Republican Parties may vote in that party’s primary election.” Not to mention the fact that this form of registration is not for the regular polling places or for the actual voting day—it’s solely for early voting, which will count as an actual vote.

The voting address can be changed during SDR, which is a necessary form of identification; it shows the exact restrictions and guidelines the ballot will undergo. Changing the voting address can’t be done on regular voting day, so it’s a factor that needs to be taken care of, SDR is an opportunity to straighten it out.

Now the number one argument against why it’s pointless to vote is that their individual voice will not be heard, and that it won’t in any way sway the multitude of voices that they’re voting against. Well, yeah, the one, insignificant voice won’t ever win if it’s up against the rest of the American population—but that’s definitely not what happens when a vote is cast. It doesn’t get lost in a sea of opinions, but it flows along with the other votes it corresponds with; that’s the purpose of casting a vote—it’s to build a larger wave that’ll tower over the others in quantity. So all that’s needed to truly help build the force is a corresponding opinion and a form of ID.

link to the multiple sites for early voting: