The Yardbirds Rock MC

By: Shelli Block & Manuel Suarez Staff Writers

The Performing Arts Center was packed Saturday, September 10, anticipating the sounds of the 60’s band, The Yardbirds. The audience looked like a picture out of the 60’s: well clad in leather, long flowing hair, head bands, fringed vests and peace signs.

Shortly after 8 p.m., the opening band, The Taildraggers blasted the auditorium with barely incomprehensible and mildly melodic tunes. The band’s acoustics were so bad that I had to plug my ears in order to hear anything they sang, and I was sitting in the back of the theatre. The lead singer, Michael Miller limply staggered back and forth across the stage while he eked out nine songs. His desperate attempt to be “cool” failed miserably as audience members complained that they didn’t understand a word of what he sang.

During the intermission MC Staffer Saul Goldberg asked, “Did you hear that group? They were awful.” “Their acoustics were horrible and I couldn’t hear anything,” he added. Other members of the audience complained as well. “If the Yardbirds weren’t coming I’d have left after the first song.” ViKings vocalist Joe Dolan commented. “Oh it’s finally over,” sighed another patron.

The Taildraggers repertoire included: “What a Girl Can’t Do,” “I Dig Your Wig,” “Story of My Life” and “Boss Hoss.”

After the intermission, the Yardbirds got a standing ovation as they bounded on stage. The audience rocked, cheered and clapped to “Heart Full of Soul,” “Shapes of Things, “Five Long Years,” Think About It,” “Train Kept a’ Rollin’” and their signature hit, “For Your Love.” The auditorium was filled with strong vibrations from their instruments and the audience. Fans danced in the aisles while the Yardbirds belted out hit after hit.

I spoke with founding members Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja. “This is a great place,” McCarty said, “The audience was fantastic!” “This is the second time we’ve played in Maryland this year,” Chris Dreja said. When asked what advice he’d give to MC students, Dreja said, “Wherever you go, whatever you do, follow your passions.”