Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Request


As of three weeks ago, a budget request of $263.7 million dollars for fiscal year 2017 has been submitted to county executives. A detailed letter from the Montgomery County President directed towards all of Montgomery County colleagues was publicized on Feb. 12 describing the budget and the purpose of the increase.

The county councils will make final decisions regarding its implementation by the end of May. This budgetary plan has increased by 4.85 percent since FY16.

Despite initial thoughts that the budget increase can lower the tuition costs of MC’s students, since the extension would probably ease the costs by covering it partially, there is instead a tuition increase:

  • $4 per credit hour for local residents
  • $8 per credit hour for state residents
  • $12 per credit hour for out-of-state residents

If accepted, the tuition rates will take into effect starting July 1. The purpose of such a budget increase is, in the words of the MC’s President, to “support the college priorities of advancing excellence, protecting affordability, enhancing access, driving student success, and practicing fiscal stewardship.”

Fiscal Stewardship, otherwise the practice of conducting, supervising, or managing of something, is a topic emphasized within the letter; the directing of the budget is to strengthen the fiscal health of the college, apparently by delivering “fewer resources to the table” for students, and through a hiring freeze for staff.

What is known about how the money will be filtered is that about 67 percent will be dedicated toward compensations and benefits for staff, as of which compensations and benefits that would be was not provided. A total of $590,000 will go towards the expansion of college-based programs in the two high schools of Blake and Paint Branch. $1.1 million will go towards student need-based grants. The rest is unspecified within the letter.

The budget may still have changes added to it, as it still needs to be decided upon the County Executive, The Council President, and the County Council. Contact with these decision makers is encouraged.