Macklin Tower Elevator Pit Flooded with Water


The Macklin Tower Elevator pit in the basement was found flooded this afternoon, Feb. 16. Meaning both elevators in Macklin Tower’s 1st floor are unavailable for students and employees to use.


According to Catherine Galasso-Schwartz, Assistant to the Deans and Manager, Part-time Faculty Resource Center, “access to the 2nd to 6th floors will be difficult for employees and students with physical limitations until the repair is completed.”

The elevator inside the library portion is functioning. “So, if students access the building via the ramp, they will be able to access any floor within the library itself (2nd and 3rd floor),” said Schwartz in her email.


Students with physical limitations can also access the Math/Science Center and Reading/Writing/ Language center via the exterior door on the ground floor of Macklin Tower.


There is currently repair happening to resolve this issues and are hoping that the repairs will be done later today. But, as of 4:45pm Schwartz says repairs will have to continue into tomorrow.