MC’s Snow Contingency Plan for On-time registration


Sara Monterroso

With over a foot of snow covering Rockville, and more to come, there is a potential delay for the start of the 2016 spring semester.

According to an email sent by Dr. Monica R.M Brown, Senior VP for Student affairs, due to this potential delay, the On-Time Registration procedure will be modified.

Students may register for classes in person for three business days from the opening of the college. Even if the class has met, students will still have the opportunity to register.

**As of Wednesday, Jan. 27 Montgomery college announced they will be closed Jan. 27. Campus will re-open Thursday Jan. 28. This means students will have until Monday, Feb. 1 to register on-time for the spring semester.**

With the extension, students will not need a signature from a department chair to register for a class that has met.

If the class has not met after the three-day OTR extension, students may still register.

If the class has met and a student wants to register after the three-day extension, the student must be approved by registrar and designated department chair.

If you are registering online, you will have until 11:59 on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

It will be a case-by-case basis if “student who requests registration for a class that has met due to notification by the college of being dropped from a class for nonpayment or wait-list space availability will be handled by the admissions/registration office and the approved by the appropriate department chair,” said Brown in her email.

“This contingency plan is necessary to allow time to reschedule advising appointments and IMAP sessions that were scheduled for Friday and Saturday-activities necessary to allow students to register for classes.”

Students should check their MC emails for updates or follow Montgomery college on twitter @montgomerycoll.

Updated Thursday, Jan. 27