Local Artists Rock Velvet Lounge

By: Whitney de Valroger Managing Editor


Local music is alive and well.  At lease it is in Northwest Washington, D.C., as four unique bands took the stage on September 7 at 8:30 p.m. at the Velvet Lounge – a music venue at 915 U Street.  Though the crowd was small, the energy of the performances left the room buzzing.

The groups represented a range of genres.  First up was a pop/punk outfit known as the Dukes.  Hailing from Olney, MD, their tight guitars and catchy songs were a great combination as the night’s opening act.

Next up was Hiphopmcdougal, a hilarious nerdcore rap duo from Rockville.  With a style reminiscent of cult nerd rapper MC Chris, they add their own flare with comical on-stage antics.  The intro to their set was Karate Kid themed, complete with breaking boards of wood.  From songs about zombies to a dance anthem about ex-President Nixon, Hiphopmcdougal gave the crowd a reason to get up and dance.

Following them was the laser light music sensation, Social Repose.  The lone musician accompanies thoughtful, melodic lyrics with loud guitar strums and a prerecorded drum and beat background.  The intoxicating mix accompanied with a laser light and fog show transformed the small venue into a veritable dance club.

Closing the night was D.C.’s very own Atlas, playing a mix of alternative rock and reggae.  Their sound harkens back to the days when Sublime and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones reigned supreme over the radio air waves.

The show was an intimate event, showcasing some of the hidden gems local music has to offer.  Alternative rock and nerdcore rap may not seem compatible, but the performance at the Velvet Lounge proved otherwise.  Check out each band’s Facebook page for free songs and concert announcements.