New MC Technology on the Horizon


Tech update coming Oct. 5

Look out Montgomery College students for quick, simplified, and accessible technology on Oct. 5.

MC students will have access to software at any location, free access to professional web tutorials, and mobile friendly MC websites.

“If you were to go to the MC website on a mobile device, you would find that it’s a pretty unsatisfying experience; thats all gonna change,” says Carl Whitman, MC vice president of instructional and information technology chief information officer.

Whitman said, the mobile design will enable the automatic reconfiguration of the MC website depending on which devices and screens are used.

The MC website scheme aims to reach all students.

Features for students with limited vision include, embedded texts to describe displayed images.

“We’re still talking about which languages [the site] will be available in, and certainly spanish is one,” said Whitman.

The new plans aim to create more convenience for students and faculty.

With a single server, multiple windows will run simultaneously, and students will not depend on a location when using software like, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word, said Whitman.

“[One physical device] makes it easier for my staff to maintain…,” said Whitman.

This will be accomplished by replacing all of the current computers with thin client’s (displays information and connects keyboard and mouse).

“[A thin client] uses less energy and is cheaper to buy…,” said Whitman.

Textbooks will be cheaper too with the usage of Lynda, a professional course tutorial and training website.

“[Lynda] becomes, substantially, a substitute for textbooks… textbooks are ridiculously expensive,” said Whitman.

As opposed to some textbooks, professors are anticipated to use the Lynda site, said Whitman.

Differing from YouTube, Lynda is “done by the professionals in the field so there is a certain kind of accountability…there’s more structure and substance,” said Whitman.

Lynda is suspected to be available in June. An interface is under construction to implement students the usage of their MC ID login to enter the site.

Whitman said, Lynda is oriented towards students who can teach themselves and need a flexible schedule.

“…at the end of the day you’re your own commitment to your education…,” said Whitman.