Food, Fun, and Reggae


Caribbean Club President Jonelle Bowen (Photo Credit: Jarata Jaffa)

Club Profile: Caribbean Club


A person feels two things walking into the Caribbean Association Club, music and feeling of being welcomed.


“This club is also a great way to just relax,” said  Michael Bala, MC student.


The Caribbean Association Club is about learning the different Caribbean countries, and the respective cultures, through music, and dance.

“We listen in listen to a lot of Reggae and Calypso”, said club member, Racca Hussain.


The Caribbean Association Club is there to share with people the Caribbean countries and its respective cultures,through music, dance and food.They meet every friday in the Campus Center in Room 207 from 2:30-4:00.


The club was founded three years ago by Adrian Mullings, and Christina Burke. Jonelle Bowen stepped in as president after Adrian and Christiana ended their terms.


The clubs accomplishments have been their big end of the semester event. “They have music, food, and a lot of dancing… other big accomplishments have been bringing in people from other cultures, and also having their club be a comfortable place for people to come and relax when needed”, said President, Jonelle Bowen.


Future plans for the club are their big end of the semester event, which is hosted in the student lounge in the cafe.


On a regular friday in the Caribbean club, usually listen to music, play uno, and watch dance videos pertaining to caribbean culture. They also make new friends and enjoy getting to know one another, said Jonelle Bowen.


The mission is to share with the MC community about the Caribbean Culture through music, dance, and food.

Why do people join the club? “They were convinced by their peers and wanted to meet new people,” said Hussain. “We also love eating great food from the caribbean culture, and playing awesome games like uno and other games from the culture.”  Michael Bala.