MC Student Gets Sneakers Snatched


MC Crime Alert Photo

UPDATED/Clarified at 5:30 4/22

A shoe robbery near a Montgomery College Rockville parking lot left a victim barefoot without his Air Jordan sneakers.


“It’s an unusual occurrence,” said Tara Nelson, MC Safety and Security Manager.


The victim was in an altercation with two men. “We think there might have been more than one perpetrator,” said Tara Nelson. During the altercation the two stole his sneakers. According to a student who said he saw a cellphone video of the incident, the sneakers were Air Jordans and the two perpetrators are not MC students. It is unclear what provoked the incident. The MC Advocate has not seen footage of the video.


The student was at the fence property line just outside of parking lot five, across from the Campus Center, and was exposed to the off-campus area through a fence opening.


According to Nelson, a call was reported to the MC Safety and Security department after the occurrence, on April 13, but security arrived to an empty scene.


On the 14th, a call was made to security by the victims parents with more information on the occurrence, yet the perpetrators are still unknown.


Nelson said, MC will “increase our presence and patrols.”
MC security is working with a Rockville patrol officer to gather further information on the perpetrator.


No official police report of the incident was filed, but according to Nelson, the patrol officer is using databases to run nicknames and details associated with the perpetrator.


According to Nelson, the incident has not yet been substantiated, but any information is encouraged to be brought forward.


She also said in order to be safe students should “be aware of your surroundings… I know we say [no] texting and driving, but I would say [no] texting and walking.”