Talent Show Etched in “Memory”


Kim Kabigting

1st Place Winner Dinys Zelaya Performing “Memory” (Photo Credit : Kim Kabigting)


Montgomery College student winners walked away with $10,000 in scholarship funds after competing in MC’s Got Talent Show. After a year of preparation, the MC Senate presented the fifth annual show that included a raffle, local food, and giveaways.


“We want our winner to be able to go through a whole semester, including tuition and textbooks and even transportation, and not have to pay, said Sarah Elizabeth, Stage Manager and Senate Chair of Events and Publicity Committee at Montgomery College.


“The talent show is a wonderful way to not only celebrate student achievement and talent, but it is a great way for students to recognize each other,” said Elizabeth.


Out of over 100 auditions, 12 candidates were chosen to perform. Talents included music, song, and dance.


“The show will have you excited. It will have you dancing in your seat, clapping your hands. You will have a personal connection to each contestant,” said Elizabeth.


Winning first place, Dinys Zelaya sang a bilingual cover of “Memory.”


“I don’t know what to say, I’m just excited and happy. This is a good opportunity for me, and you know, as an international student..[performing is] a hard thing to do because I sang in two languages,” said Zelaya.


Other winners included Luis Montes, Abigail Nunez, and IMPACTION.


The Senate worked with local vendors throughout the year to generate money for the scholarships, and funding proceeded during the night of the show with the selling of food from community restaurants.


“We’re trying to get the most interesting, tasty food we can possibly get,” said Elizabeth.


This year’s food included fried oreos, Jerry’s pizza, chocolate covered strawberries, Chipotle, and more.


“When you bite into your Chipotle burrito tonight it’s not just for you, you’re giving back, and you’re giving a student an opportunity to learn at a reduced cost,” said Elizabeth.


The audience was involved throughout the whole show. Performers asked the audience to sing and clap along, and show hosts threw free t-shirts and bags into the crowd.


“We share the stories of each contestant,” said Elizabeth. “We try to capture their personality, and share that with the audience before they perform; that way theres a really strong personal connection.”


The show’s winning scholarship is considered to be “truly, very gracious of the community, and a wonderful effort because there are so many people who would do anything to have free education like that,”said Elizabeth.