MLB Offseason Power Rankings


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The long, cold, winter months of December, January and February have come to a close, as the dust from the hotstove meetings and transactions have settled. Bad teams from last season in baseball have gotten worse, and some have improved.


The winter offseason is a time for small, medium or drastic changes depending on each team. All thirty teams come into the offseason each with a different approaches to the upcoming season.


Some teams who fell flat on their face the season before look to rebuild with a combination of youth and veteran leadership, while teams who fell just short of their goal only look for a slight, yet effective change to their roster.


The 2014-15 offseason has been one for the ages, with big name players being moved from one place to another, along with record-breaking deals being signed.


Teams such as the Padres, White Sox, Cubs and Marlins have made the most noise, while other teams such as the Orioles, Rockies, Reds and Angels have made very few moves.


MLB Offseason Power Rankings:


30) Colorado Rockies: With very few signings, questions remain in their rotation and bullpen.


29) Philadelphia Phillies: The Cole Hamels situation can only hurt Philly, so why not trade him?


28) Arizona Diamondbacks: Not much help added to their bullpen, nor their lineup to help Goldschmidt.


27) Minnesota Twins: Torii Hunter’s return to the twin cities won’t be enough to help this year.


26) Houston Astros: They are only a few more seasons away from contending, just not now. The 2017 banner will have to be stowed away a while, still.


25) Tampa Bay Rays: The only reason they are not lower is due to their pitching staff.


24) Oakland Athletics: Billy Beane has been questioned before, but not this much.


23) Texas Rangers: Darvish, Fielder, and Choo all hope for a better year, which will go a long way to a better year for Texas baseball.


22) Cincinnati Reds: Their lineup looks good, but questionable pitching staff scares me


21) Atlanta Braves: One offseason makeover does not catapult the Braves this season.


20) New York Yankees: Aging lineup and worrisome starting staff will be their Achilles’ heal.


19) San Francisco Giants: The defending champs have not done enough to revamp their staff.


18) New York Mets: Tremendous and youthful pitching will only carry them so far…Like, fourth place.


17) Milwaukee Brewers: The loss of Gallardo at top of their staff hurts; lineup should be solid


16) Chicago Cubs: The hype surrounding the Cubs won’t be justified until next season.


15) Cleveland Indians: Improving pitching staff compliments lineup well; adding Moss as a power-hitter was key.


14) Kansas City Royals: The loss of Shields hurts the staff, and the bullpen will have to carry this team.


13) Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates are only a few pieces in the lineup away from WS contention.


12) Toronto Blue Jays: Huge additions of Donaldson, Martin are key; bullpen needs depth.


11) Boston Red Sox: Signing Ramirez and Sandoval will help, but no true ace could hurt staff.


10) Detroit Tigers: Adding Cespedes is big; bullpen and starting rotation are still very suspect for a contender.


9) San Diego Padres; The team with the biggest offseason moves still need a few hitting infielders, but they have something going.


8) Baltimore Orioles: Getting Machado, Wieters and Davis back helps; this team should be solid yet again.


7) Miami Marlins: High hopes for the skilled and youthful Marlins is real; key additions made in Prado, Morse and Gordon.


6) Los Angeles Dodgers: Newcomers Kendrick, Rollins and Grandal will look to guide the Dodger offense.


5) Los Angeles Angels: Mike Trout and Co. look great, but their progress depends on pitching health.


4) Chicago White Sox: The Southsiders are looking as good as their ‘05 championship team. They could do some damage.


3) Seattle Mariners: The huge addition of Nelson Cruz benefits Cano greatly, and their pitching staff the best in the AL.


2) St. Louis Cardinals: Question marks in centerfield and at second base are canceled out by a great staff, as usual.


1) Washington Nationals: With Scherzer, their staff looks as great as any in history. Still no solid second baseman, but that can be overcome.