Art’s Digital Revolution


The gallery includes vector illustrations and photo shopped pieces. — Photo by: Chris Jaques

Original: May 10, 2011 Issue 16

By: David DeLaRosa

Staff Writer

Viewers at the CAT Gallery can observe digital art till July 29, 2011 -- Photo by: Chris Jaques

Art is a vague subject that caters to many sub medias. The most notable of those being artistic outlets in the forms of paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. Through graphic design however, one can achieve the art of making movie posters, Photoshop pictures, vector illustrated graphics, and a whole lot more.

Most people do not even realize a simple flyer is a work of art. The CAT Gallery located in the Technical Center opened its doors May 2 to this semester’s Digital Art and Graphic Design Exhibit.

When first walking into the open spaced gallery, one will see posters for plays on the walls, such as “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Repo The Genetic Opera.” Around the corner the art work flows with different medias within graphic design and makes its way into an animal themed Photoshop section. Megan Rhodes’ picture of different animals with human bodies crafted a perfect use of personification.

Most of the Photoshop photos are quite well done and have created entirely new photos in general. Judith Burgess used Photoshop to create a miraculous graphic of mermaids in a storm, while Josue Iseas went for a more photo manipulation effect.

Continuing around the gallery the vector illustrations show top notch artistic ability. Some look as if they were pulled straight out of a video game with HD graphics, and others a bit more cartoonish.

The gallery includes vector illustrations and photo shopped pieces. -- Photo by: Chris Jaques

Though the gallery is lacking in abundance of art, the works gathered are of high talent. “MC’s Graphic Design programs push you in every direction of the job,” said Montgomery College student Michael Laydo.

“They require you to learn and use so many programs, and in the end you find it second nature. With the professors I have had, I went from overwhelmed new comer to an award winner in two years.”

Many of the pieces featured in this exhibit are of high quality work and should not be over looked. The Digital Art and Graphic Design Exhibit is open until July 29 and is not one to miss out on.