Multicultural Club: Around The World in An Hour and A Half


The world is cramped with 190 countries, each subdivided into so many cultures. Cultures of food, festivities, people, language, and everything that makes a human alive.

There is an exuberance of electricity that has brought us all together on the Montgomery College Rockville Campus. The Spring 2016 semester introduces a new club, the Multicultural Club, to bring all of us together and celebrate our rich and diverse backgrounds.

“It is our job to create a “space where students of all backgrounds can come together, celebrate their cultures, and learn from each other,” said Nada, president of the Multicultural Club

The first meeting began with an excited tension on Thursday Feb. 11th at 3:30 P.M. as Nada and her fellow founders, Alissar and Angelina, approached the podium and began their new campaign to celebrate the diverse culture of Montgomery College.

They opened up with a slideshow and launched into what their goals for the Spring semester. Nada stated that their biggest goal for the Spring was to create “fun and educational activities that will allow members to learn about different cultures”.

Nada continued with excitement as she began explaining her ideas for her social platform. The club will maintain an active presence on their Facebookpage and will continue to post regular updates about all sorts of culturally relevant news in the world and culturally relevant events at Montgomery College.

The slide ended and the founders began questioning the new members of the club what their hope for the club was. Members began suggesting new ideas such as volunteer events, festivities for the different kind of cultures Montgomery College has, watching foreign films, educating the campus on diversity, and many more.

The suggestions gradually faded to a still silence and the members of the club congratulated each other on the creation of a new vision for the Spring semester. Nada dismissed us with a brief word on celebrating Women’s History Month for the month of March and we departed with excitement for the next meeting.

Currently, there are no scheduled club meetings for the Multicultural Club. In March, Honors Club and Multicultural Club will be having a joint meeting for a documentary screening and a discussion.

If you are interested in joining you can contact the club on its Facebook page at or Nada, the president, at [email protected] “You should join Multicultural Club if you enjoy fun events, good food, and learning about the world and its beautiful cultures,” said Nada