Ask An Advocat: Rebooting Education as an Adult and Being Newly Vegetarian

Q: Dear Advocat,

I am a 34 year old male who is RETURNING to school, and taking his first ever On Line Classes. I took 3 years of Graphic Design and Art History. That was all the way back when I was 19 though. So here I am working a 7:00AM to 7:00PM job (that includes travel) and I am taking my Math and English classes and “rebooting” my education in a way. So my REAL question is for those adults who have those expenses, time restraints, and lifestyles that somewhat clash with education. Then toss in the anxiety of not knowing where to head with my new education career wise…So what can students in my age bracket, male and female pass on in the ways of; info, advice, time management, and general help?

A: Dear hard-working student,

First of all, we applaud you for returning to school after all this time and on top of that working 12 hour shifts–that’s truly admirable.

Doing your work for your classes

Our first piece of advice, an obvious one. Days off–dedicate those to your classwork.

But, in regards to doing your work during days where you do work, once you get home from work, get rid of all distractions– especially all electronic devices. Do your daily routine when you come home, like showering and putting your pajamas on.

Next you’ll want to eat something that is energizing, but healthy of course. Whether you want to have a snack or a meal, choose something “carby” like fruits or pasta. Having a meal and then starting your work allows you time to relax, reflect on the day.

Now, time for work! The best thing for you to do is to do your work someplace you have specifically dedicated to work. Working on your bed or couch is a horrible idea! You’ll get too comfortable and want to go to bed.


So, time management. If you don’t have a planner of some sort, whether that be online or in a print format, GET ONE! They’re lifesavers. There are some with times, so you can put down “8-9:30 Math problem set” “9:30-10:30 english paper” This is something we highly recommend!

Not knowing what the lies ahead

As to what we think of the anxiety of not knowing what you’re career path will be, we say RESEARCH. Focus in on your skills, what are you good at, what do you enjoy, what can sustain your lifestyle. From what you have told us, it looks like you’re artistic and you took graphic design. Graphic design is in high demand!

Since we are not career counselors, we recommend you actually talking to one! Set up an appointment here at Rockville campus, someone will give you a clear pathway to a career you could possibly want!

Returning to school as an adult

Don’t worry about being your age going back to school! A lot of people do it and are very successful! Many people have multiple jobs that aren’t careers and are not really sure what their calling is until they are much older. As long as you keep a positive attitude and are engaged in what your are taking,the sky is the limit. Everyone’s educational path is different, just embrace yours.

Good Luck!


The Advocate


Q: Dear Advocat,

So, I recently turned to a vegetarian lifestyle, more specifically a pescetarian diet. I live on my own and I pay all my own expenses, including groceries obviously. I’ve found it really difficult to eat this way on a budget. Fish is expensive and having fresh fruit and vegetables is also expensive especially because of their shelf life. How can you eat this way on a budget without just buying junk food? I’d really like to know.

A: Dear new pescetarian,

Congratulations on your transition to pecestarianism! We have a handful of vegetarians on our staff!

Vegetarian #1

“I advise to buy enough fruits/veggies for the day or week. What I do is go to the grocery store a few times a week and pick up what I need for the day or next couple of days.”

Vegetarian #2

“Obviously being a vegetarian isn’t just eating fruits and veggies. Instead of always eating fish, you can eat stuff like beans–canned beans are cheap! A good source of protein: almond or peanut butter. You can buy a large sized container of almond butter at Costco. You can eat it with pretty much everything, your carrots, fruits, bread!”

Vegetarian #3

“Plan your meals! Don’t rely on eating out, which is probably why you reach for the junk, because they’re cheap! Plan everything, down to the snacks. This will keep you from over-spending and eating junk!”

Enjoy your new diet!


The Advocate