Opportunities Thrived at Club Rush; 2013


Juan Alcivar promotes the Volleyball Club at MC (Photo: Adrilenzo Cassoma)

Organizers said club rush was a hit this year.



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Club Rush was a great success on Wednesday, Sept. 18. With open arms, clubs and organizations accepted students to be a part of Student Life in an attempt to build involvement. Our scholars on campus may be shy and not know where to get involved, but this event gives each that opportunity.

Each club offered at MC that was indeed present on the Rockville campus from 12:00-2:00 p.m. has its own respective booth with representatives of each club present to inform students and persuade them to take interest in different programs and organizations.


Some students on campus find it very hard becoming a part of school clubs and organizations.


“[The reason] more kids aren’t involved [is] because they don’t know what MC offers,” says  Freshman Junious Kilpatrick. “When people ask about getting involved, a lot of staff tell students to wait until Club Rush.”


As one might expect, a student’s true opportunities can only be reached when critically thinking and asking more questions.  This method of seizing opportunity can create problems, because it is more complicated than it seems–students may not believe how truly easy it is to start a relationship within their own desired major or field:  Foundational, raw experience can be attained by aspiring students, all from simply asking some simple questions to the right people.  The right people?  The representatives at Club Rush.


When asked if it was difficult to become involved with the school William Coleman agreed and added a few comments. “Since they only do [Club Rush] once a year you have to literally catch it at this date.” says William. “If you have only Tuesday-Thursday classes you [aren’t going] see this type of event.


It’s a little upsetting to know some students find it difficult to get involved. The big turnout says students actually want to participate within the school.


An atmosphere of knowledge and fun, Club Rush had many students wanting and willing to participate. Excited student, Romel Cassa, talked about the event and his experience. “I spoke with different clubs and they told me times for meetings, places to go, and how to get started” says Cassa. “Meeting different people here on campus was the most fun part.”


OSL staff member Brittany Green talked about the benefit this day has for students. “I think this is a great way to connect all [the] students and a great way to have [them] meet other students in organizations.”


Students enjoyed the whole experience, but if you missed out, you can still get involved:  All club information is located in the Office of Student Life in the Campus Center Lower Level room 005. The hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 pm.  Students are so close to opportunity, and the Club Rush was a terrific example of that fact.