Editor’s Note

By: Brooks Clarke Editor-in-Chief

So, here we are, already the fall semester again. Am I the only one who thought this summer has flown by? In any event, welcome to all the new readers out there and welcome back to those that have perused our pages before. As you may have seen in the column to the left, I’m not Todd. No, I’m Brooks, the new editor-in-chief here at the Advocate. If you read the last few issues during the spring, you might have seen one of my articles on video games. This section is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts, observations and responses to you guys (and gals). So since we’re going to be spending the next year or so getting to know each other, how’s about I tell you a little about myself

I’m in my third year at MC, after changing majors my first year from history to graphic design. It’s funny, in three years I never realized just how much stuff happens here. In the few months since they trapped me– I mean, hired me as editor, I’ve met people from clubs and departments I didn’t even know existed. I suppose it’s like only staying on the top level of an ant hill.

Did I mention I’m into baseball? I play on occasion, but not as much as I used to. My pants never lasted more than a month because I loved to slide so much. There’s nothing like going home, covered in dirt, and seeing your mom’s look of disbelief that you could possibly get that filthy in a few hours. I do watch the Orioles “play” (I use that term loosely) a lot, so it’s not like I abandoned the game, or anything. While we’re on the subject, if you’re ever at a baseball game booing the players, don’t forget, that game is happening way faster on the field than it looks from the bleachers.

As I said earlier, I wrote some pieces on video games this past spring. I very much enjoy writing about games, and no one’s told me that I suck at it, so I might as well keep it going. That’s actually what I’m interested in doing long-term, writing for a gaming website or magazine. Other than the fact that I love video games, there’s a lot more creative freedom and propensity for comedy in that particular ilk of journalism, which I prefer.

I don’t want to ramble about myself for too long, so I’ll stop this entry here. Why not share something about yourselves with me? Maybe you found out something new about MC recently, maybe love basketball and can’t stand baseball or maybe you think the Advocate should do an article on a particular video game that you like. Let us know by either posting on “facebook.com/MontgomeryAdvocate” or sending an email to “[email protected]” We read everything you send us, so don’t feel like your voice won’t be heard. Here’s to another great semester at MC, and that your textbooks arrive from Amazon soon!

One last thing. We don’t usually cover professional sports, but I’ll make an exception here. In case you didn’t hear, former Baltimore Orioles pitcher and broadcaster, Mike Flanagan was found dead Wednesday, August 24 (yesterday, as of this writing). I wasn’t really familiar with him until this year’s season, but I felt that I got to know Flanny pretty well over the past few months. But seeing Flanagan’s former team mate, Jim Palmer choke back tears as he talked about one of his best friends really got to me. Anyway, sorry to end on a downer. Just giving dues to a great guy who helped bring a World Series championship to Maryland.