Germantown Campus Council moves into the future with MC’s 20/20 Plan


Since September, the Germantown Campus Council has been meeting once a month to discuss and meet the college’s unified challenges as well as traditional local campus issues. Previously, such issues were discussed in the Germantown Faculty Council, but this council was disbanded in favor of the Campus Council. In accordance with the new governance system at Montgomery College, the goal of this new organization is to encourage input from everyone, including students. Headed by Chair Diane Cockwell and Provost Dr. Sanjay Rai, cell phones and papers abound the rectangular table that plays host to spirited discussion.

First on the agenda was discussion of MC’s proposed new campus structure by the new leadership, unification of the three campuses to form a “single college,” pushing towards a similar experience at the Germantown, Rockville, and Takoma Park campuses. While the idea is new, it is viewed favorably in order to move into the future by most members of the council. A term repeated throughout the discussion was “21st century college,” something that is important to the leadership. The plan is part of a greater strategic vision called the “20/20 Plan,” which can be publicly viewed (download) at the college’s website. Dr. Rai spoke of the plan as a “very good thing” and highlighted the plan’s goal of “preparing for 2019 in 2013.” The growing gap between the demands of graduate employment and college education is also cited as reason for the new push.

Discussion then turned to parking, which happens to be a problem at all three campuses. While a new lot has been constructed by the High-Tech Building, permits have not been granted as of yet, and the new lot is still unusable. However, the lot will likely be opened in under than 6 weeks, when permits will likely be received.

Another point of discussion was GlaxoSmithKline’s $100,000 purchase of Montgomery College’s Human Genome Sciences, which will lead to new buildings being built, as well as a stronger biotech program.

A former darkroom is also being converted to an extended lounge, which will be the future central lounge of the Germantown campus.