Student Senate and Board of Trustees Meet

Zach Rimkus. Contributing Writer

The Student Senates from all three Montgomery College campuses talked to the Board of Trustees about the negative stigma on the college and the counseling issues that they see. They also covered ways to help improve the graduation process Monday night April 2 at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Montgomery College is sometimes called the 13th grade, high school continued, or a place to go when you cannot get into any other college, said the senators. Senators said they or the board should go to high schools and talk to the students about successfully transitioning through Montgomery College to a major university.

The senate also talked about the idea that the alumni could go talk to high schoolers and share their success stories.

In addition, the senate also said they want to see a change in the counseling system at the college.

Every time that students go into the counseling office they fill out forms asking for help and then the students sit and wait for a counselor. When the students need to go back and talk about the same problems, the students will probably get a different counselor than they had before. Then the process starts all over again from the beginning, senators said.

The senate wants to change this by having a personal counselor for each student, just like high school. This way students can go to the counselors at the college and have a better student counselor relationship than before.