Review: The Grey


Manuel Suarez. Staff Writer






On January 27, “The Grey,” a thriller starring Liam Neeson was released.  John Carnahan directed the movie and wrote the screenplay.

Set in present day Alaska, the movie is about Ottway (Neeson), a hunter temporarily hired by an oil drilling company to kill any wolves intruding on the drilling base.
The day before he is to return home, he travels to the plane. Everyone there is very calmed, until they all fall asleep and the plane starts working badly. Ottway wakes up from a dream when the plane is falling. Everyone faints from the plane crash, and after they wake up they realize they are in the woods.
Ottway wakes everyone up, and then wolves are chasing them, one by one. The movie is entirely about the survivors in the woods, and the wolves are killing them. The movie has a nice soundtrack, including the final scene. In the cast there is Frank Grillo (Diaz), Dermot Mulroney (Talget), Dallas Roberts (Hendrick) and Joe Anderson (Flannery), among others. All the actors acted great, and the movie itself is very suspenseful.