A Journey Through the Coast of the Caribbean Club


A speaker, Sean Andrews, brings attention to himself to talk about how life is like as a Caribbean. Andrews touches on the subjects of music today, which is mostly derived from Caribbean and African cultures, and mentions the differences among the numerous Caribbean dances, such as dancehall and soca.

He explains the significance behind Caribbean carnivals, and how they bring people together. As a Caribbean person himself, he gives input on how the Caribbean club is important to individuals, stating that “it’s good to see other Caribbeans, it reminds you that you are not alone after all.”

Within the room the compelling aroma of warm pizza and slightly chilled pink lemonade attract the numerous friendly eyes to the front, where Bala Mah’moud, president of the Caribbean club, stands enthusiastically.

On the plain white board he writes the topic of the days discussion: the difference between American and Caribbean culture. The room goes dark, and a video displaying the various differences in behaviors between American and Jamaican mothers is showcased. This five-minute video thus inspires personal opinions, ideas, cultural similarities, and experiences each individual has encountered to be discussed and compared on an open platform, which allows every member to get to know one another.

The Caribbean Club, was founded by Christina and Kassim Mohammed, and has been continued by current president Bala Mah’moud, a member since its very beginning.

As president, he arranges active events around Montgomery College, such as appearing in the World of Montgomery fair recently, and creates new ways to enrich the club.

When speaking about his experience with the club, Mah’moud makes it clear that he, “joined for social experience,” and up until this point he believes, “the number of the members do not matter, it’s the energy [people] bring to the club.”

“You don’t have to be Caribbean to learn about the Caribbean,” said Mah’moud, highlighting that this truly is a bonding experience for all people.

With various games, such as Uno, Pictionary, and exercises, like the trust fall, great friendships are created.

The members of the Caribbean club are a diverse body in terms of gender, race, age, and cultural backgrounds. Various members are from the Caribbean, or have certain members of their family that are from the Caribbean, who have heavily influenced their daily lives.

The club does not focus simply on a strict agenda, and is instead open to the interpretation of a flowing ideology drawn from the members of the club. Ultimately this club is a great way to meet new people, dance to new music, and eat foreign delicacies. It reaches out to people who yearn to understand a new culture, whether American or Caribbean, and brings them together with the motto “All love and good vibes.”

The Caribbean Club meets every Friday at 2 p.m. in the Humanities building, HU127. Feed your curiosity by contacting Bala Mah’moud at [email protected], and attend a club meeting!