Nintendo’s Holiday Line-up

By: Whitney de Valroger Managing Editor

Nintendo's new red 3DS, available now. -- Photo: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Pick up any video game magazine or log onto any popular video game website and you are guaranteed to find some sort of news about gaming giant Nintendo.  Whether it is about their ever-changing handheld portable, the DS (short for dual screens) or the impending release of their next home console, the “Wii U,” Nintendo is brimming with new information.  And with numerous first party games set to release in the coming months, the future of Nintendo fans and stock holders alike is looking bright and promising.

While the prospect of a new home console is very exciting, Nintendo is not forgetting about what is already in consumer’s homes.  The Wii has proven itself a fierce contender in the console war by marrying a unique concept of motion control and gaming. But lately the console has been showing a lack of worthwhile games to buy.  That is sure to change starting in October as Kirby will be making his first formal, and yarn free, appearance on the console with the release of “Kirby’s Return to Dreamland.”

Following that is the release of the second Zelda game on the Wii, “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.”  Rounding out the 25th Anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda, the game will ship in a golden case (a throwback to the original’s gold cartage) with a custom golden Wii remote, which will feature built in Wii Motion Plus offering gamers even more control over the actions of the series’ protagonist, Link.

Third party publishers are also releasing heavy hitting titles in the form of “Dragon Quest X,” due out next year.  Square Enix’s latest entry in the hugely popular series boasts a heavy online play component with more information to be released in the future.

Nintendo’s new hand held, the 3DS, has had a difficult launch.  Announcements like the cancelation of “Mega Man Legends 3,” as well as an overall lack of exciting software titles, have been the debate of many gamers about the validity of the system.  That will soon change in the coming months.

Nintendo is rolling out the big guns this holiday season, releasing “Mario Kart 7,” “Kid Icarus Uprising,” and the new “Super Mario 3D Land,” all before the end of the year.  Third party publishers will support the system with the release of “Resident Evil Revelations” and the return of Sega’s popular ninja franchise, “Shinobi.”

Another exciting development for the handheld comes in the form of Nintendo’s announcement of adding a second analog stick.  Though details are scarce as of now, the second analog stick is possible with the addition of a cradle that the system will rest in.  Though adding bulk to the otherwise streamline design, this new addition promises an expanded way to play handheld games.  Adding a second analog stick opens the door for new gameplay features such camera control and first-person gameplay.  Details of the add on are scarce, but this year’s Tokyo Game Show expo, which will take place from September 15-18, will surely unveil specifics to the public.

Nintendo fans have much to look forward to in the coming months.  Big game releases and exciting hardware additions are just a few things fans can look forward to.  Nintendo has been a leading forerunner in the gaming industry since the 1980’s and shows little signs of slowing.  Gamers around the world rejoice; the plumber is still in business.