Putting the “Love” in “Music Lovers”


The ultimate gathering for true music lovers is starting at the Rockville Campus this Fall semester. The Listeners Club is the dream opportunity for connoisseurs of all genres to meet and celebrate their love of music. Its founders are passionate about music and its role in their lives and future.

For the club’s founding president, Rolland Smith-Horsford, music is life and love. An aspiring audio engineer and composer, Rolland drew his inspiration for the Listeners Club from his experiences as president of the Philosophy Club. He wanted the lively discussions he had experienced on philosophy, but on a topic dear to his own heart – music.

“I wanted a club where people could come together as the Philosophy Club did, and have constructive discussions about music, which is my passion. I love talking to my friends and coming with ideas and concepts about what we’ve listened. I just wanted a place for music fans to be music fans,” said Roland.

Rolland explains that the club is meant for music of any and every genre, and everyone is welcome. The club would welcome nominations of foreign genres by members who could also explain the essence of the music.

The focus of the Listeners Club is to develop a deeper understanding of the amazing world of music through spirited discussions.

The leadership is open, friendly and passionate. The president of the Caribbean Club at Rockville, Bala Mahmoud, is currently the vice-president. The Secretary is Ricardo Ortega-Afay, and Luigi DaSilva serves the Treasurer. There are open opportunities in the club for leadership and greater involvement.

United by their love of music and friendship, Rolland and his friends announced themselves to the Rockville campus at Club Rush on Wednesday, September 16th.

The Listeners Club plans to meet on Friday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., and will be having its first meeting in about two weeks, although specific details may change. If you are interested in the Listeners Club and want to join, you can contact Rolland at [email protected]